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Wetang’ula rubbishes Atwoli’s Luhya unity caucus slated for January.

Bungomaa senator Moses Wetang’ula has rubbished a planned luhya unity for January this year slated for January next year. Speaking at his Kanduyi home Wetang’ula blamed COTU boss Francis Atwoli who is the man behind the meeting for hawking the Mulembe community for his selfish interests . “Atwoli is man looking for relevance and attention and every time he plays his games he has some people funding him,”Said Wetang’ula . Wetang’ula said him and the rest of his colleagues who were looking for presidency from the Luhya community were not interested in tribal chieftaincy being advanced by Atwoli but leading this nation. “We should try as a people to avoid tribal chieftaincy and denounce any efforts by anybody creating tribal kingdoms, if I want to be president I will be required to travel entire country from Vanga to lamu and I don’t need Atwoli to anoint me to because he has no locus standing ,”Said Wetang’ula. Wetang’ula said Atwoli was among the people who catalyzes luhya disunity and every time he tries what he is doing the community is left more divided. “We have agreed with my brother Musalia Mudavadi who we are working closely that we will not entertain Atwoli’s gimmicks and theatrics because that is infact dividing the mulembe nation more ,”said Wetang’ula. Wetang’ula wondered why Atwoli would pretend to speak on behalf of the luhya community but failed when he vied as MP of Khwisero Wetang’ula further urged Kenyans to shun tribal politics because this was not good for the country warning Atwoli against creating tribal cocoons . “”There is an errand old man called Atwoli who thinks that he is an electoral college in Kenya ,the man should be told that they are no tribal kings in Kenya ,”said Wetang’ula Cotu boss Francis Atwoli announced during christams eve that the January 18 meeting will not be a gathering to push for the realisation of Luhya unity, but its confirmation. “Already, we are more than 100 per cent united. This elusive Luhya unity talk is a creation of the media and it should stop,” he said. A similar meeting was held at Bukhungu Stadium on December 31 2016, where ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi was declared the community’s spokesman. The event, which was convened by Atwoli elicited mixed reactions from politicians, with some questioning the process through which the spokesman was picked. The trade unionist had hired the University of Nairobi’s economics and research department to help identify the strongest among big names that had declared interest in running for president in 2017 elections. Speaking at his rural residence in Khwisero in Kakamega county, Atwoli said next year’s event will be used to punish rebel Luhya leaders and send a message that the Mulembe community supports the BBI report and an all-inclusive government. “We will field a candidate in the coming elections and let nobody cheat you that we might backtrack on that,” he said